Security Economic Stability High Moral Values

These should not be words that we shy away from.

At the American Security Council Foundation those are words we live by, we are dedicated to the wellbeing of the United States of America and its citizens.

From its inception in 1958 the ASCF has been actively involved with the protection of the sanctity of the United States of America for one very simple reason, the United States of America is the greatest country in the world, and we intend to do our part to see to it that we remain as such.

The United States cannot lead the world without the support of the American people. National security policy and foreign policy must be nonpartisan. America’s leaders need to speak with one voice to the world.

Too often it is thought, “Surely the right people have their eyes on this….”. This can be the United States training other countries that have attacked us and killed our military personnel. This can be educating students from other countries, such as China, in our universities with our technology advancements that can then be used to infiltrate our cyber networks. This can be the danger of Russia controlling the only natural gas pipeline to Germany and Italy. This can also be the diminishing education of our own children on the importance of citizenship and patriotism that instills pride in our country and gives them reason to love what we stand for.

Ignorance is not bliss. In order to remain the most powerful force in the world we as a country, as well as individually, must keep our eyes open to threats that are invading our country. And most importantly on how we as a nation are contributing to the successes of these efforts that are infiltrating and harming us on a continuous basis.

Give this some thought:

China has been identified as the #1 cyber security threat by the United States Intelligence Agency. China has the ability to cause localized disruption to critical infrastructure through cyber warfare. Where are the Chinese people being educated? Right here in our country.

In flight training schools across our country we are training future pilots from China. Did we not learn anything from training Iraqis and Iranians how to fly our planes?

This is not about not being the country that we were founded on, a country of immigrants This is about making decisions that protect this country and those that want to be here and abide by our Constitution and Bill of Rights.

As we look at the generations that make up our United States of America, each generation has something to offer the others. The millennials offer an approach to life that is full of openness and willingness to set aside prejudices and hatefulness. The baby boomers and the Greatest Generation can offer wisdom and appreciation of patriotism for this amazing country.

Our youth need to have positive reinforcement as to the greatness of the United States of America and all that she stands for.

Neglecting to instill this sense of pride in children is an easy path of erosion to complacency, one that other countries are just waiting for that will give them the access to the power we have as a country.

Security, economic stability, and high moral values. All vulnerable areas that known and potential enemies of the United States target on a continuous basis. They are relentless. Ideological groups have their eyes on us. It is imperative that we take off any blinders that we have and give our full attention to these very real threats so that we can destroy them before they destroy us. This is not a “dooms day” philosophy it is unfortunately our new reality.

You can be a part of the change and the stronghold that our country deserves by becoming aware of the multitude of ways in which our power as a country is being threaten. The American Security Council welcomes your questions and your opinions. By joining us on our social media platforms we will keep you advised of important issues.

It is your concern for the direction that we are heading that will make the difference in which way we go as a nation. Make informed decisions, look around you see how people are behaving, look further and see how the people of countries that do not like us are behaving. It is through a concerted effort that we will Promote Peace Through Strength.